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DBC Support | FAQ


  1. Question : How can i remove index.php from the url

    Answer : Please follow the instructions below Download the sample .htaccess file from here Upload it to ROOT directory Open it an modify "/directory" with the proper directory name If you installed the application on htdocs directly then replace "/directory" with "/" Now open ROOT/application/helpers/MY_url_helper.php change the following function if ( ! function_exists('site_url')) { function site_url($uri = '',$lang='') { $CI =& get_instance(); $lang = ($lang=='')?$CI->uri->segment(1):$lang; if($lang=='') { $lang=default_lang(); } if($lang=='admin') $lang = 'en'; if($lang=='tv') $lang = 'en'; $final_url = $CI->config->site_url($lang.'/'.$uri); //$final_url = str_replace('http://','https://',$final_url); return $final_url; } } --------------------- to --------------------- if ( ! function_exists('site_url')) { function site_url($uri = '',$lang='') { $CI =& get_instance(); $lang = ($lang=='')?$CI->uri->segment(1):$lang; if($lang=='') { $lang=default_lang(); } if($lang=='admin') $lang = 'en'; if($lang=='tv') $lang = 'en'; $final_url = $CI->config->base_url($lang.'/'.$uri); //$final_url = str_replace('http://','https://',$final_url); return $final_url; } } Now try to access your site without index.php in the url This will do the job for most of the cases. But different server need different htaccess and that depend on server configuration. If this method doen't work then you've to hire some freelancer or developers who will do that for you Remember DBCinfotech doesn't marketing this as a product feature. So everything you do will not be a responsibility of us. So take Read full
  2. Question : How can i remove bed room and bath room

    Answer : Read full
  3. Question : How can i set another language as default language.

    Answer : Please follow the instructions below Go to admin panel > system > site setting Set default site language to your desired one. Now modify ROOT/application/config/routes.php file Change the following lines $route['default_controller'] = "en/show"; $route['404_override'] = "en/show/memento404"; to $route['default_controller'] = "YOUR_LANG/show"; $route['404_override'] = "YOUR_LANG/show/memento404"; Save that file. Read full
  4. Question : What is the difference between regular and extended license

    Answer : The difference between those are 1. You'll get the same package(code+documentation) for both of them 2. Both of the license is for single domain use 3. None of the license gives you the permission to resell the script. 4. With extended license you can modify the script and resell it. But this is also a bit complex. You can't just change some css , forms and resell it. Actually it's like "You can buy an extended license for a music and use it in your game. But you can't just change something and sell it as a music again" .     Read full
  5. Question : I installed the product but I see white screen

    Answer : Reason: 1. The server php or mysql version is outdated or php mysql is not installed. 2. Sometimes when the files are uploaded via ftp some of them gets corrupt due to character encoding. (This issue is particulary common if you use filezilla) Solution: 1. Please make sure your server the has the necessary configuration for running the script. 2. Upload the zip file from cpanel and extract it from there. Or you can chekout this links to stop filezilla form corrupting your file: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/554960/how-can-i-stop-filezilla-changing-my-linebreaks   If the issue still persists create a support ticket giving an ftp access information; our team will inspect the issue for you.           Read full
  6. Question : How do I remove a language

    Answer : Go to ROOT/application/config directory and open classifieds.php file You'll see there is a line similar to "$config['active_languages'] = array('en'=>'English','ru'=>'Russian','ar'=>'Arabic');" Remove the language you want from there. For example if you want to remove all the languages and keep only English, replace the line with "$config['active_languages'] = array('en'=>'English');"   Read full
  7. Question : Where is my Codecanyon purchase code ?

    Answer : Please check the below link http://www.ajaxformpro.com/wiki/wheres-my-codecanyon-item-purchase-code.html Read full
  8. Question : How to disable the main slider

    Answer : For doing so please follow the steps below 1. Edit ROOT/application/modules/themes/views/THEME_NAME/template_view.php file 2. Find the following code block   if($banner_type == 'Parallax Slider') {    require_once 'slider_view.php'; } else if($banner_type == 'Layer Slider') {     require_once 'layer_slider.php'; } else {     require_once 'map_view.php'; } 3. Remove it or change it like if($banner_type == 'Parallax Slider') {    //require_once 'slider_view.php'; } else if($banner_type == 'Layer Slider') {    // require_once 'layer_slider.php'; } else {    // require_once 'map_view.php'; } Read full
  9. Question : How to configure google+ app for web login

    Answer : If Google+ login is enabled, Go to Google Developer Console. Then select create project and create a new project. After the project is created, select APIS & AUTH > APIs on the left pane. Find Google+ API on the center pane and turn it ON if it is not turned on already. Then select APIS & AUTH > Credentials on the left pane. Click 'Create new Client ID' button. On the pop up screen select 'Web application' as the application type and provide the necessary information about 'AUTHORIZED JAVASCRIPT ORIGIN' and 'AUTHORIZED REDIRECT URI'. You will get 'Client ID' and 'Client secret'. Read full
  10. Question : Getting blank page instead of installation screen.

    Answer : The main reseaon of this is lossing new lines for files due to filezilla issue. If you upload all of your files using filezilla and get this problem then follow this link http://stackoverflow.com/questions/554960/how-can-i-stop-filezilla-changing-my-linebreaks to solve it. Otherwise you can upload all the files as zip from Cpanel > filemanager and extract it from cpanel. This will solve the problem. If the problem still exists then create a support ticket with your site address and ftp access.   Read full
  11. Question : How to customize my copy ?

    Answer : The script contains 4 types of php files. Controllers, models, views and helpers. We didn't use any custom library. Now if you want to customize your copy then there are a set of rules. We explain them on the documentation. The rules are simple.A) Updating Controllers : For all controllers there are two types of file. core file and general file. As an example for a controller named "show" , there are two seperate file under ROOT/application/modules/show/controllers . They are i) show.php and ii) show_core.php . Show file extends show_core file. So if you need to change/extend any of the functions under show_core.php then simply copy it to show.php and then make the changes. On our updates we always update the core files. So in this way you changes will be untouched after updating .   B) Updating models : Same as Controllers. See #A C) Updating views : There are two types of view . Admin views and front end views. Admin views are under ROOT/application/modules/admin/views directory and frontend views are under ROOT/application/modules/themes/views directory. Now if you want to modify any admin views then follow the process below i) Updating admin views: You'll see there are two separate directories Read full
  12. Question : How can i take the update ?

    Answer : 1. If you dont make any customization on any files or follow the customization rules described here http://support.dbcinfotech.net/index.php/en/show/faqdetail/11/How-to-customize-my-copy--  then Just upload the zip from admin panel > upload and click "upload & install button"or if you want to install the update manually1. Replace ROOT/application directory with application directory [Merge and replace]2. Replace ROOT/dbc_config directory with dbc_config directory [Merge and replace]3. Replace ROOT/system directory with system directory [Merge and replace]NB: Please create a sql backup before update. Also if any custom work is done on you script then pleasereplace files carefully so that your custom works do not loose. If possible take a file backup also.The update pack contains css files , view files , language files. So please take backup before doing anything.   If you don't follow the rules then the best way will be installing the update on a seperate subdomain and then bring those changes to the new copy. Thanks Read full
  13. Question : My language is broken(Arabic, Russian or Other). What can i do ?

    Answer : 1. This may be happen due to yml parsing issue. 2. Please download the file from here http://support.dbcinfotech.net/uploads/ticket/yaml.php_.txt 3. Rename it to yaml.php 4. Replace ROOT/application/libraries/yaml.php with the new file. 5. Check again.   Read full
  14. Question : How can i transfer my site to another domain ?

    Answer : For this please follow the steps below   1. Move your files to the new domains hosting. You can zip all your old files together , move and then extract them again. 2. Now from phpmyadmin take a backup of your database as sql file format. 3. Create a new mysql database on your new hosting. 4. Import the old database sql to new one. You can follow this tutorial http://www.techrepublic.com/blog/smb-technologist/import-and-export-databases-using-phpmyadmin/ 5. Now edit NEW_DOMAIN_ROOT/application/config/database.php file and put your new mysql connection infos. Example $db['default']['hostname'] = 'database host name'; $db['default']['username'] = 'database username'; $db['default']['password'] = 'database user password'; $db['default']['database'] = 'database name';  6. Now your new domain is ready. Try log to admin panel. The application will ask you the item id and purchase code. Provide it, you new domain will be activated and old one will be deactivated . Read full
  15. Question : How to configure facebook login ?

    Answer : If facebook login is enabled, Go to Facbook Developer. Then go to Menu > App > Create New App. After that you will receive a FB app id & FB secret key. Paste it here. Then set the domain you want to host at Facebook App's basic Settings. Once configured put the app id and license key from  DBCadmin > classifieds/businessdirectory/realestate/autocon > site settings > enable facebook login option.   Read full
  16. Question : How can i change slider speed ?

    Answer : Whizclassified & Whizbiz : Both of these scripts have three different sliders on two page. For home page banner you can use Parallax slider or layer slider. If you are using parallax slider then change the speed by 1. Edit ROOT/application/modules/themes/views/THEME_NAME/slider_view.php file. 2. find out the following code block     $('#da-slider').cslider({        autoplay    : true,        bgincrement : 150,        interval    : 3000    });     Now change the interval value . 3000 means 3 seconds. So if you want 5 seconds then change the code like     $('#da-slider').cslider({        autoplay    : true,        bgincrement : 150,        interval    : 5000    });   If you are using parallax slider, the follow their documentation. We've included it with our main pack. Edit the file ROOT/application/modules/themes/views/THEME_NAME/layer_slider.php .   If you want to change the slider speed on detail page then please follow the below steps 1. Edit ROOT/application/modules/themes/views/THEME_NAME/detail_view.php file 2. Find the following code block         $('#imageGallery').lightSlider({            gallery:false,            item:1,            speed:1000,            auto:true,            loop: true,            thumbItem:9,            slideMargin:0,            currentPagerPosition:'left',            onSliderLoad: function(plugin) {                plugin.lightGallery();            }        });      change the speed value. If you want to make it 2 second then edit it like         $('#imageGallery').lightSlider({            gallery:false,            item:1,            speed:2000,            auto:true,            loop: true,            thumbItem:9,            slideMargin:0,            currentPagerPosition:'left',            onSliderLoad: function(plugin) {                plugin.lightGallery();            }        });     Read full
  17. Question : What would I do if there is 'No input file specified' error?

    Answer : If this error is faced please go to ROOT/application/config/config.php Change the following. $config['index_page'] = "index.php?"; $config['uri_protocol'] = "QUERY_STRING";For more info please check: https://github.com/bcit-ci/CodeIgniter/wiki/Godaddy-Installation-Tips Read full
  18. Question : My site is asking for purchase code again and again. What can i do?

    Answer : Please make sure you always use the same url for accessing the admin panel. Example, if your site name is example.com then if you access it like www.example.com the always use www . If you are using https then always use https. Actually codecanyon license provide you permission for using it on a single domain. So always use the same url. If it isn't resolve the problem then create a ticket with your domain name, admin login, purchase code and ftp access. Our support team will check and resolve the issue. Read full